Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Many times your truck is on the road, but not actually towing anything – such as returning from dropping a trailer or driving to a repair shop. Bobtail insurance is coverage for those times when you operate your truck without cargo. It covers you any time your truck is driven without the trailer, regardless of whether or not you are under dispatch. The coverage is for any damage that occurs to your truck during this time.

Since your truck is probably one of your most valuable assets and your source of income, it makes sense to protect it any time it is on the road. Most trucking fleets cover the cargo insurance and primary liability of truckers who are dispatched on delivery runs, but any other time it is up to the driver to have the proper insurance coverage. Let’s face it, an accident can happen at any time, and bobtail insurance rounds out any good insurance policy for truckers.

Most standard insurance companies do not offer insurance for truckers, and many that do fail to offer bobtail or non-trucking use policies. At The Truck Insurance Store, we can set you up with an affordable option for coverage when you are driving your truck and not on official business. Give us a call today or fill out our quote form for more information.

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