Occupational Accident Insurance

When you operate your own commercial truck independent from a company, you need special coverage plans to help you navigate through any difficult situations that may arise. Since you are the only employee, you need a policy similar to worker’s compensation that will cover you in case you are ever injured on the job. Occupational accident insurance is tailored specifically for independent truckers and can help cover many occupational accidents and injuries.

Our specialists and experts understand the unique risks and hazards that go into operating a truck, especially when you’re independent and do not have a company backing you. At our agency we specialize in trucking insurance only and as a result understand that anything can happen on the road at any given time. Our occupational accident insurance coverage includes:

  • Accidental Death or Disability
  • Accident-Related Medical Expenses
  • Temporary Disability
  • Continuous Disability

Occupational accident insurance is a necessity for all independent truckers out there. Whether you experience an accident or injure yourself unloading your cargo, our agency’s coverage will be there for you under all circumstances. The Truck Insurance Store solely deals with trucking insurance and our expertise is unmatched. Feel free to call us today and or simply fill out the form on this page for additional information.

Are you an Owner Operator that is Leased to a Motor Carrier? The Truck Insurance Store now has a Benefits Package that includes discounts on many of the items you use in your day to day operations. In addition, as part of a Membership in the Truckers Benefit Association, an affordable Occupational Accident coverage is now available.

More information on how this membership can work for you:

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